Superintending Engineer, Data Collection, Planning and Hydrology Circle, Nashik

Superintending Engineer, Data Collection, Planning and Hydrology Circle, Nashik

Working Profile of Superintending Engineer, Data Collection, Planning and Hydrology Circle, Nashik

Collection of Hydrometeorological Data is important thing for Preparation of Water Resources Project Report, Preparation of Water Resources Estimation, Water Use Accounting, Forecasting of Flood, Brief and in-detail preparation Massive Schemes,  Following things are involved in this task :-

  • Systematic Collection of Rainfall Data, River Discharge, Flood Control Data and other relevant Hydrological Data shall be done for availing correct information to different kinds of Water Resources Offices and Design Divisions readily on time.
  • Daily Measurement of Hydrological Data and monitoring of Existing Stations.
  • Try to bring additional Hydrological Station network as per specified standard of Indian Standard Institutions or Other National/International Institutions.


There are Five Divisions working under this Data Collection Planning and Hydrology Circle, Nashik. Hydrology Project Division Head Offices are at Pune, Aurangabad, Amravati, Nagpur and Thane and respective work area is gives as below;

  • Hydrological Project Division, Pune, Krishna Basin (With Bhima Sub-Basin)
  • Hydrological Project Division, Aurangabad (Godavari Basin)
  • Hydrological Project Division, Amravati, Tapi (With Purn Tapi)
  • Hydrological Project Division, Nagpur, Basin below Sahastra Kunda and Sub-basin beyond Sahastra Kunda in Painganga Basin of Godavari Basin
  • Hydrological Project Division, Kalwa (Thane), West Flowing Rivers in Konkan.

Rainfall, Meteorological parameters, Discharged Water Level in River, Water Quantity coming in reservoir, Water Quality, etc Hydrometeorological Data is collected by  Hydrology Project Divisions at Pune, Aurangabad, Amravati, Nagpur and Thane. After Collecting these information with scientific methods, it is sent to Data Analysis Circle for Validation, Storage and Publication.

Highlights in Hydrology Project Phase-I

Hydrology Project Phase –I is taken up for the duration between November 1995 to December 2003 with the help of World Bank. The total expenditure incurred for this project was Rs. 63 Crores and 27 numbers of River Gauging Stations, 18 numbers of Climatic Stations are newly established in this project phase. Moreover, already existed 671 numbers of Stations including Rainfall Stations, River Gauging Stations and Climatic Stations are updated and total 716 numbers of stations network is fixed. 27 numbers of Water Quality Lab Level-I and 5 numbers of Water Quality Lab Level-2 are established in this Hydrology Project Phase-I.


Highlights in Hydrology Project Phase-II

Administrative Approval was given to Hydrology Project Phase-II for Rs. 40.417 Cr and agreement was done on 19 January 2006. This project phase was begun to execute from 5 April 2006. The basic Period of project was for 6 years but due to extensions, it was finished on 31 May, 2014. As per terms and condition in Hydrology Project Phase-I, there were two parts including Part-I as Institutional Strengthening and Part-II as Vertical Extension and these were implemented successfully. 'Real Time Data Acquisition System-RTDAS' and 'Real Time Stream Flow Forecasting & Reservoir Operating System-RTSF & ROS' was developed for Krishma-Bhima Basin of Maharashtra under Hydrology Project Phase-II and expenditure was Rs. 37.26 Cr.


Highlights in Hydrology Project Phase-II (National Hydrology Project-NHP)

Both World Bank and Ministry of Water Resources New Delhi had jointly arranged workshop between 15-19, September, 2014. As per mission note concluded in this workshop, Hydrology Project Phase-III  for Maharashtra State Surface Water was proposed for Rs. 261.3027 Cr to Ministry of Water Resources, New Delhi and Government of Maharashtra. Consolidated Provision for strengthening of works completed under Phase-I and Phase-II has been allocated in Hydrology Project Phase-III. 

As per existing directives of Ministry of Water Resources, New Delhi objectives of Rs. 150.00 Cr. has been allocated for Maharashtra Hydrology Project Phase-III. World Bank and Central Government has 50% share each.

It includes mainly following things;

  • Maintenance and Upgradation will be provided to Existing Hydromet Network already established in Hydrology Project Phase-I and Hydrology Project Phase-II.
  • Real Time Data Acquisition System which was developed for Krishna-Bhima Basin in Hydrology Project Phase-II shall be implemented for Panchganga Sub-basin in National Hydrology Project.
  • Real Time Data Acquisition System and Application Software development for rest of Maharashtra including Godavari Basin, Tapi Basin, Vidarbha Vainganga Basin andWest Flowing Rivers (Partly) is proposed in National Hydrology Project.
  • Procurement of Bathymetric Equipments.

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