User Guide

User Guide

User Guide for Registration of Hydrometeorological Data Users Group-HDUG Membership to Request Hydrometeorological Data from State Data Storage Centre-SDSC, Nashik

It is mandatory to take HDUG Membership to apply for Data Request to SDSC, Nashik. The registration for HDUG membership is open to all by paying Rs.500/- as a membership fee for duration of 5 years, which can be renewed and Rs. 2500/- for lifetime membership. Data Charges will be applicable as per Data Dissemination Policy. Please go to 'Data Policy' from 'Data Request Tab' provided over Home Page of website or click here to know it.
Applicant can apply for HDUG Membership directly through this website.

Steps for Registration of HDUG Membership

  • Please click on ‘HDUG’ tab over home page then go to sub tab ‘Membership User Guide’.
  • Click on ‘Membership Registration’ tab and fill all relevant details over online form, submit all required documents as shown in following table as per Category.
  • Applicant can apply with his own name for Educational, research purpose or as a student or if he wants to apply individually or as a farmer.
  • If Applicant needs data for Government / Semi – Government / Private / Non-Government Offices then please fill up Name of Office in the online form.
  • Category shall be selected relevant to your purpose of Data or as per your organization type.
  • Please provide working email ID in this form since this email ID will be your ‘User Name’ for ‘HDU  Login’ to avail login facility over website. If you are applying data through Offline Method then your Requested Data will be disseminated on this email id.
  • Mobile number shall also be provided for validating OTPs for further purposes.
  • Applicant can take membership for either Five Years or Life Time as per their need.
  • Please Provide your desired password and this password will be utilized as login password for ‘HDU Login’
  • Security Questions and their answers shall be provided for retrieving your password.
  • If you forget your password and security question too then you can opt for OTP to reset your password.
  • After filling all relevant information and for submitting online application, an OTP shall be generated by clicking on ‘Generate OTP’ to confirm this application. After entering OTP, this form will be submitted and Member ID will be generated. This member id can be used for payment purpose.
  • Website will be redirected to ‘Payment for Registration of HDUG Membership’ for processing payment. If does not redirect then please follows following steps.
  • Payment for membership shall be done through ‘Payment Information’ tab provided in ‘HDUG’ tab. Click on ‘Payment for Registration of HDUG Membership’ and there are three methods available for payment including ‘Online Payment’, ‘Offline Payment at HDUG Cell’ and ‘Payment at Bank (Bank Transaction)’
  • User can use Net banking or Debit Card or with other options as available on website at ‘Online Payment’. Extra Convenience charges will be applied.
  • If you face any problem while doing online payment then you can pay Membership Registration fees at nearby HDUG Cell. To see list of HDUG Cell, please click on ‘HDUG’ tab over home page then go to ‘HDUG Cell’ or click here.
  • Please upload payment receipt at ‘Offline Payment at HDUG Cell’ available at ‘Payment for Registration of HDUG Membership’ from ‘Payment Information’ tab under ‘HDUG’ tab.
  • You can also deposit membership amount at nearby SBI Bank and can submit bank transaction ID at ‘Bank Transaction’ option provided at ‘Payment Information’ Tab in ‘HDUG’ Tab over Home Page. However SBI non home branch transaction charges will be charged extra.
  • After receiving payment, you will receive auto-generated email and SMS regarding your application, payment and other details.
  • After verification of your submitted application & documents on website, Unique Membership Registration Number and membership details will be generated and membership confirmation details will be sent through SMS on registered mobile number and on registered email ID. After getting this email, you can login to your ‘HDU Login’ area over website Home Page and fill Data Request Form. Your registered email ID will be your username for HDU Login and submitted desired password will be login password.
  • If you had taken membership for five years previously and now your membership is expired then you can renew it by submitting request through ‘HDU Login’ area. Or you can pay through 'Payment Information Tab' from HDUG tab over Home Page. Same rates as mentioned above shall be applicable to renew membership either for five year or for life time. Same Payment method shall be used as described above.
  • One month before expiry of membership reminder SMS and email will be sent for renewal. SMS and email shall be provided by website on expiry of Membership.
  • You can contact ‘State Data Storage Centre-SDSC, Nashik’ on landline No. 0253-2531777’ or you can mail us at ‘’ or you can send any query though ‘Contact Us’ tab provided over website.


Flow Chart For Registration of HDUG Membership on website



Tables showing details of documents as per category of HDU


HDU Category

Documents Required.



  1. Copy of License /Registration Certificate of the firm/ I-card/ Address Proof, If any, issued by the appropriate Authority etc…
  2. For Students: I-Card issued by the institute/ Letter issued by the head of the Department.


Government/ Semi-government

Government Order / Office’s Seal on the Printed Application



Copy of License /Registration Certificate of the firm/ I-card/ Address Proof, If any, issued by the appropriate Authority etc…



Latest 7/12 Abstract issued by the Talathi of Revenue Dept.


Educational Institute

Copy of License /Registration Certificate of the firm/ I-card/ Address Proof, If any, issued by the appropriate Authority etc…


Non-Government Organisation

Copy of License /Registration Certificate of the firm/ I-card/ Address Proof, If any, issued by the appropriate Authority etc…



Adhar Card / Driving License / Electricity Bill / Phone Bill


Last Modified on : 24 May, 2021