Objectives of HP

Objectives of HP

Following are Objectives of Hydrology Project (SW), Maharashtra

Objectives of Hydrology Project Phase-I (HP-I)

  • Using advanced techniques and equipments for basic data measurement & collection.
  • Computerized data entry validation of Hydrometeorological & water quality data with use of softwares like SWDES & HYMOS. analysis.
  • Easy and friendly user data dissemination of Hydrometeorological & water quality data.
  • To enhance publication and access of information to eligible data user i.e. hydrology data users group members.
  • Upgradation of Hydrometeorological stations network and water quality laboratories.
  • Planning of the water resources and its relevant usage.
  • Evaluation of basic water resources and developmental works.
  • Strengthening of flood controlling system.
  • Sedimentation survey of reservoirs.


Objectives of Hydrology Project Phase-II (HP-II)

  • To extend and promote sustained and effective use of Hydrological information system by all potential users concerned with planning and management of water resources.
  • To improve productivity in the cost effectiveness of water related investments in the state/central agencies.


Objectives of Hydrology Project Phase-III (National Hydrology Project)

  • Maintenance and Upgradation will be provided to Existing Hydromet Network already established in Hydrology Project Phase-I and Hydrology Project Phase-II.
  • Real Time Data Acquisition System which was developed for Krishna-Bhima Basin in Hydrology Project Phase-II shall be implemented for Panchganga Sub-basin in National Hydrology Project.
  • Real Time Data Acquisition System and Application Software development for rest of Maharashtra including Godavari Basin, Tapi Basin, Vidarbha Vainganga Basin andWest Flowing Rivers (Partly) is proposed in National Hydrology Project.
  • Procurement of Bathymetric Equipments

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