Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives-National Hydrology Project (NHP)

NHP would not only strengthen the existing monitoring systems for water availability, but would also include the monitoring of water use and would put much emphasis on IWRM and real-time monitoring and flow forecasting. There are a total of 49 implementing agencies (IAs) including nine central agencies (MoWR, RD&GR; CWC, CGWB, NIH, CPCB, SoI, NRSC and CWPRS), 37 state-level agencies and two river basin organizations (RBO).

Out of 49 implementing agencies Maharashtra (Surface Water) and Maharashtra (GW) are the 2 implementing agencies from Govt. of Maharashtra. Maharashtra (SW) component is being implement by Water Resources Department and Maharashtra (GW) component is being implement by Water Supply & Sanitation Department.

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The project will cover all major river basins of India and will require strong collaboration and cooperation among central and state levels of government.


The project has four components

  • Water Resources Monitoring System :

    Establishing / modernizing New/Existing Hydro met Network

  • Water Resources Information Systems :

    Includes development of State WRIS and related activities.

  • Water Resources Operations and Planning :

    Development of comprehensive river basin water accounting software that will enable implementing agencies planning assessment using standardized procedure.

  • Water Resources Institutional Capacity Enhancement :

    Project Management, Operational Support etc.

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